Today’s Objectives

Mr. Robert K. Wright, 5th Grade Social Studies

Minnie Ruffin Elementary School

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Unit 2: Chapter 4 Textbook


Today’s Lesson Objectives – December 7, 2017

The Lesson Plan: (What we will do in class today)

  1. Students will watch the CNN 10 News Video as a Bell Ringer.
    1. Click here for Bell Ringer Quiz
  2. Students will watch the video “Why did Pilgrims Come?”
  3. Students will read the document “The Puritans and Pilgrims Came to America.”
    1. Click here for Pilgrims and Puritans Document
  4. There will be a discussion on the difference between a Puritan and a Pilgrim.
  5. Students will take the open-text quiz on the reading.

Lesson Standard: (The objective of today’s lesson)

5.3.4 Compare and contrast religious groups that settled colonial America and examine the role of religion in colonial communities.

Bonus Homework:  Answer this question online by Midnight on Thursday, December 7, 2017. “In what way does the Algonquian Response Letter contradict Champlain’s account?” (Contradict means to state the opposite) 

  1. Click here for Algonquian Response Letter
  2. Champlain’s Letter

Link to Bonus Homework Assignment